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Special Offers

Handmade scarf with Gypsea Art Designs' original watercolor fabric patterns.



  •      Silky Crepe de Chine poly. Watercolor Pink Valentine Hearts. Colors are pink, lavender and cream. Hot pink fringe bottom. Hand applied rhinestones that fit each scarf individually. 
  •      One trim of fringe, fur, feathers or beaded jewelry. 
  •      Special requests can be sent to  
  •      Each long skinny scarf is approximately 6 inches wide and approximately 6 feet long. 
  •      Spot clean with soap and lukewarm water, then rinse with cool water and lie flat on clean towel to dry. May use hair dryer on "cool".
  •      No hot iron, hot water or dryer to protect integrity of the glued rhinestones. 
  •      Can be worn around the head as a bandana, as a belt or sash, as a ponytail bow wrap or around the neck in many ways. 

Rhinestone Pink Valentine Hearts Silky Skinny Scarf

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